When does the program take place?


Check the steps deadlines in Volunteer Challenge Rules, available on the Menu Resources.


Who to contact for questions or concerns?


Click on the menu Contacts or send an email to voluntariado@braskem.com. You can also call (+55) 17 99159 3038.


Which Braskem units are participating?



  • São Paulo: São Paulo, Cubatão e Paulínia
  • ABC: Mauá e Santo André
  • Rio de Janeiro: Rio de Janeiro e Duque de Caxias
  • Rio Grande do Sul: Porto Alegre, Triunfo
  • Bahia: Salvador e Camaçari
  • Alagoas: Maceió e Marechal Deodoro



  • South: La Porte, Seadrift, Oyster Creek
  • Northeast: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Marcus Hook, Neal



  • Vera Cruz, Coatzacoalcos
  • México DF



  • Germany: Frankfurt, Wesseling, Schkopau
  • Holland: Rotterdam


Who can register for the Volunteer Challenge?


All Team Members based out of the locations listed above are welcome to join. You can also invite contractors, friends, and family to help the team out with activities. 


What is Quick Win Challenge?


Quick Win Challenges are a way to make additional points in the game. They will be communicated during the program, and their completion is optional. Stay tuned, so you don’t miss out on these opportunities.


How do I register to participate in the Volunteer Challenge?

Only one person on each team – who will take on the role of team leader – will need to access the Program’s website and click on the menu “Register your team” to start the process. When you register, you will, create a team name and unique password – which will be used by everyone on the team, and adding teammates.


I could not use my email to register for the program. What’s wrong?


Only Braskem emails can be used to sign up.


I lost my password, now what?


Click on the menu Log in. You will find a link to recover your password there.


Can I invite contractors to join? And what about friends and family?


Yes, you can invite guests to help the team. They also will be required to sign the Submission Form. You can download the template in the menu Resources.


How do I upload my Closing Video?


There is a session in the system, under the menu Activities, called Closing Video that should be used for this purpose. Make sure the video is saved with an mp4 extension.


What kind of volunteer activities will be accepted in the game?


There is a long list of recommended activities available on the menu Resources. They should serve as inspiration for you and your team, but not limit your creativity. 


What are Braskem’s 10 Sustainable Development Goals?


Braskem has set 10 Sustainable Development Goals to be achieved by 2020. These goals guide our actions at all levels of the company in matters of:

1) Safe Chemistry;

2) Economic Result;

3) Post Consumption;

4) Renewable Resources;

5) Water Efficiency;

6) Climate Change;

7) Energy Efficiency;

8)Local Development;

9) Development of Solutions;

10) Strengthening of Practices.

The results are permanently tracked by our team to ensure we are moving towards our goals. Go to http://www.braskem.com/usa/sustainable-strategy to learn more.



Should every member of my team fill out a separate Submission Form? 


Yes. All the members of the team must download, fill out, sign, and upload their individual Submission Form to the system. Guest volunteers (contractors, friends and family members) who join the team must do the same. This is a mandatory step of the program, and failure to submit the Form of all the members of the team is a disqualifying factor. The Term is available on the platform – Resources -  and is explained in the Volunteer Challenge Rules.


Where can I find the Program’s documents and templates?


All materials are available for download on the Resources menu.


How do I choose the Non-profit I want to help? Can I choose any organization?


There are two critical factors for your Non-profit to be accepted:

1) it is a formally constituted non-profit organization;

2) They are up to date with all their obligations. You can work with any non-profit that fits that criteria. 


Can I volunteer during working hours?


During the challenge, Team Members can volunteer during working hours, as long as it is in alignment with their Leader.


What are the game prizes?


Braskem will make a donation to the Non-profit Organization supported by the global winning team - the team with the highest score among the Team Member Category - in the equivalent amount of $5,000.

The Social Organization, which receives the highest score among the Internship category, will receive a donation in the amount of USD 1,000.00 (one thousand dollars) to be paid by Braskem.

In addition to the global prize, Braskem will also award three winners in each country.

The organization supported by these winners will receive donations as follows.







1st place

MXN 70,000.00

USD 4.000,00

BRL 5,000.00

EUR 3,500.00

2nd place

MXN 40,000.00

USD 2.000,00

BRL 3,000.00

EUR 2,000.00

3rd place

MXN 20,000.00

USD 800,00

BRL 1,000.00

EUR 850.00



How will the winning teams be selected?


The winners will be the ones with the highest overall score among all participating teams – globally and nationally -- that completed all the mandatory steps of the Challenge.



Will Braskem help with the volunteer activities planned?


Braskem will not provide financial or logistical assistance to the teams. Braskem’s role is to stimulate, value and recognize the commitment of its Team Members who engage in community service.


Can I speak on Braskem’s behalf? Or Braskem’s brand?


You should always present yourself as a volunteer. Never request any kind of donation using Braskem’s name, give interviews, or use Braskem’s brand in any initiative associated with the Volunteer Challenge.


Can I volunteer in more than one organization?


Not for the Volunteer Challenge. You need to decide on one Non-profit Organization to support.


I am having a hard time finding other teammates. What can I do?


Send an email to voluntariado@braskem.com. We will help you advertise your cause or connect you with people who are also looking for teammates.