Crowd Effort

The Crowd Effort 2021 is a collective initiative organized by Braskem, which gathers team members and guests to carry out volunteer activities in their local communities.

WeCare Pittsburgh - McKinley Park Hillside Clean Up & Slope Stabilization Project

As part of the 2021 WeCARE Week Volunteer Program, the local Pittsburgh Site has organized a Hillside Clean Up and Slope Stabilization Project in partnership with the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy.

Event details: The project work would consist of working with the conservancy on trash pick up in the area we will be working, removal of weed-suppressing landscape fabric, and creation of ‘windrows’ to catch leaf litter and reduce erosion in the park.

We will have a morning and afternoon session to sign up for and boxed lunch will be provided for volunteers between the 2 sessions. 

More information to come prior to the event around HES/PPE requirements for this activity, as well as updates on Braskem COVID protocols required.

WeCARE Week • braskem crowd efforts

Name of NGO
McKinley Park

09/21/2021 to 11/30/2021

McKinley Park

Action Leader Name: Alex Ferrari/Amanda Hanth


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