Eliza Trail Clean Up Day

Let's cleanup Eliza Trail!

Let's get together on October 22 to clean the Eliza Trail!

We will help the environment by removing garbage from the bike and running trail.
This is a ¼ mile area of a running and biking trial next to the I&T Center that many of our team members use for recreation and exercise.

Gloves, garbage bags and safety vests will be provided.

We are counting on you!

Action Leader Name : Ron Andrekanic and Arlene Goetz

Action Leader Email : ronald.andrekanic@braskem.com/arlene.goetz@braskem.com


Macro objective

Post-consumption of plastics

Subscriptions closed

  • Name of NGO

    Eliza Trail
  • Date

    10/22/2019 , Start time: 12:30. Finish: 03:30
  • Address

    Pittsburgh I&T Center, 550 Technology Drive, Pgh Pa 15219

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