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A pandemia de COVID-19 agravou a situação de vulnerabilidade em nossas comunidades. Por isso, o Programa de Voluntariado lançou uma campanha especial para que os integrantes possam contribuir com instituições parceiras, que atuam com esse público. Para aumentar ainda mais nosso impacto, a Braskem multiplicará em 5X as doações de seus integrantes, em formato de cestas básicas.

Join our United Way Campaign! Braskem is joining forces with the United Way to promote education, health and financial stability for individuals and their families in our communities.

United Way Campaign 2019

From November 4 until the 30th, we invite every Braskem U.S. Team Members to engage in our United Way campaign and help raise the funds they need.

There are different ways you can donate to your community through United Way and you can even combine them when you make your pledge. Below are the three ways you can donate to the campaign:

1. You can donate to United Way's Impact Fund, and your gift will go to your local United Way (based on your worksite zip code);

2. You can donate to United Way's Impact Fund, but tell them how you want them to spend your money. Each United Way runs different programs to address specific issues in their communities, but most of them have the following focus areas in common:

  • Education

  • Health

  • or Financial Stability

3. You can opt to donate to an independent nonprofit organization that you feel passionate about, using United Way to facilitate the process. Their paycheck deduction system and yearly report for taxes deduction purposes are some of the benefits the partnership with Braskem make possible.

Click in the link bellow to learn more about the best option for you:


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United Way

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Action Leader Name: Arlene Goetz

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